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Innovation Multidisciplinary Engineering Team

Multidisciplinary Engineering Team

JOY Boats is a globally focused technology company based in Germany and Turkey, that develops innovative energy technologies in marine and automotive. The objective for JOY Boats setting out on the road to engineering excellence is to become both more effective and more efficient.

Experience and Technical Skills
JOY Boats has the experience, technical skills, and professional resources to deliver the specialized electrical system solutions to meet our customers’ demanding requirements. JOY Boats has delivered designs and specifications for projects that include shore power connectivity, auxiliary diesel generators, redundant power distribution and control systems, propulsion management systems, and dynamic positioning control integration systems.

Highest Standards
JOY Boats maintains the highest standards of quality and security for our customers’ confidential and proprietary information via a fully integrated document management system. JOY Boats has the most current engineering and software tools to ensure a complete and efficient design.

Concept to production
By providing its customers with design and engineering support, JOY Boats is able to take on projects in their early stages and optimise them for specific production methods.

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